Benefit of ayurveda cures in Vishram Village

The ayurveda medicine, stemming from the Indian tradition, is considered as one of the most ancient natural medicine of the world. It uses mainly plants and vegetable oil for techniques of care such as: Réjuvénation, Udwarthanam, cranial massage and shoulders, treatment Panchakarama, feet reflexology etc.


Ayurveda treatment in Vishram Village in any seasons.

Ayurvéda Tradition La ayurvédique clean out is a set of care and of massages ayurvediques given in the pure tradition of India of the South it is a moment of exception, a meeting with itself, to find the prosperity, the serenity and the enjoyment.

The ' Ayurveda Privilège with Essential Oil The cure Privilege which associates Ayurveda and Aromathérapie is a cure which marries the ayurvédique tradition of care and massages and acts on the imbalance, there where it shows itself, by using the vibratory character of essential Oil to re-revitalize and harmonize.

The Ayurvedic cure is inspired by the ancestral Ayurvedic medicine and allows you more than a classical fitness cure: An in-depth resouring, the discovery of our deep nature and a better self knowledge.

The effectiveness of the treatment will depend

of the duration of the cure

The Ayurvedic medicine is cadenced by the season and several therapeutic approach

For example the practice of "Panchakarma" five purifications is a very effective method of detoxification; that requires 21 days cure and ideally 28 days to be done in perfect harmony with in harmony and in in its entirety.

But it is not convenient for everybody and depends on your health.

Choose the duration of the cure

According to the balance of Doshas and profits that you hope, adapted choice of duration is crucial for success of your objectives

8 to 10 days of cure allows you to discover Ayurveda, to make an energy balance and an Ayurvedic and to relax yourself in a real bracket of wellness. (See package: energy balance)

15 days of cure allows you to begin the treatment of pathology as insomnia, stress and its consequences or to start a loss of weight (Ayurvedic Cure “Tradition” or Ayurvédic cure  “Privilege” )

A cure of 21 days This one gives you the time for example to make a significant loss of weight, to treat a pathology to realize a complete detoxification ( Panchakarma).

A stay of 28 days, assures you a real consideration of your pathology and as Ayurveda is a medicine but also a way of life, an art,  you can be  more serene and peaceful  (yoga meditation , meditative walking) which strengthen the expected benefit of given treatment.

Ayurvedic cures “Tradition or Privilege”, individual and totally adapted to your body constitution, these Ayurvedic cures are originally developed of the Indian traditional science which helps the quality of life and the good health.

Person in charge, Responsible of all the Ayurvedic Cure: . The Ayurvedic Doctor   attach to Vishram Village will decide of the kind of cares and will order after the first consultation, specific massages, dietetics and food and also adapted Ayurvedic  orale or other medication.

Person in charge of, Responsible of your specific Cure Privilege: Agnes Aromatherapist, she will choose the good synergy of essential oils which will be the one for you. She will decide after the first Aromatherapy consultation.

The cares and the specific massages will be add to the Ayurvedic cares, they give balance of body vital energy thanks to the essentials oils applied on the chosen meridian or Marma.

Regular Ayurvedic Doctors consultation to ensure the follow-up of your Ayurvedic treatment and the good evolution of it for

Our Doctor is a graduate as Ayurvedic Doctor from public Indian University in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Our aromatherapist is a graduate as Aromatherapist, Phyto-energetic and Applied Corporal Psychology, from IFS in Paris. (French Institute of Applied Corporal Psychology)

Ayurvedic cure protocol

Herbal remedies and Ayurvedic massages

Adjusted to your specific needs, your cares are made with fine Oil, powders of plants, medicinal milk and medicinal oil macerate plants extract. Ointments and plants convert in lotion.

Certain preparations are made on the spot in Vishram Village Center with local Ayurvedic plants.

Medical Herbal remedies are used according different's techniques of massage and care

Podhikizi : Herbal leaves or powder is made in cloth boluses and is applied on the whole body or a part specified after dipping in warm medicated oil.

Sirodhara : Warm herbal liquid our warm specific milk  is poured all over the forehead (3rd eye ) in rhythmic way using a special vessel.

Sirovasthi / Certain lukewarm herbal oils are poured into a cap fitted on the head and held for 15 to 60 minutes per day according to the patient’s conditions


Essentials Oils By applying a specific combination of essential oil, chosen by the aromatherapist.

Sessions of Odorathérapy holistic works on the mind bring peace and comfort on  the nervous tensions using the pure and natural smells of essential oil.

Meditative relaxations are a way to help you to “Letting go” and self knowledge, relearn to take care of yourself and to manage your emotional state.

Dietetics is associated to the treatment, stemming from the dialogue realized between the doctor and our Keralee chef. This one adapts your meals and especially the way of cooking as well as the food and the savors to be privileged and the ones which must be avoided; Drinks during the care are also adapted to your needs.

Herb teas and drinks served after the care or during the day correspond to the savors according to your Ayurvedic constitution, Kapha, Pitta, Vata. The hot drinks are chosen according your good balance constitution.

The daily practice of the yoga is the continuation of the process of wellbeing and letting go, yoga provides balance and wellbeing by the vital energy of the breath.

Take advantage every morning of the benefactions of Pranayama – Art of the breath ( vital energy) which is the source of any life. It consists of breaths exercises to answer the needs of the body and to complete the Ayurvedic care.

Who requires Ayurveda cure?

To those who look for a quality of life and “letting go” , the discovery of an art to take care of oneself and then  allows to take care of well-being  and of health.

To those who look to take care of the pathology which worries them As for example the troubles due to the stress such as: Insomnia / menopause / Confusion of the Hormonal balance / chronic fatigue / Hyper tension but also the troubles of the blood circulation etc....

And so to those who are ready to experiment the ancestral knowledge and the wisdom from 5000 years ago in Kerala India and the quality of the well-being and the services that Vishram Village offer.

What Vishram Village suggest to you?

An Authentic Ayurvedic medicine, without pre-established program of care.

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