Our values: authenticity, environmental ecology, united tourism, low impact, recycling, eco construction, respect for the traditions and for the cultures, the sharing.

 We have wished this site would look like the square of a village, a place of cultural exchange with its houses gathered at the top of the hill or on the East Esplanade (yet in progress), with meeting points like: the main square of a village where for instance, the coconuts are counted, or the restaurant near the well by the lake.

With the village, we encourage the harvesting of forage, the collection of cooking wood (vegetable waste of coconut trees.)
The local fishermen help discovering  the ecosystem activities the salt lake that borders the premises.

We defend the ethics of social relation and responsible tourism.

Authenticity, the sharing of a meeting with a country where the languages , the religions and the customs are multiple

During the building, we have chosen to promote local craftsmen for the wood and stone craft.

80% of them come from the very close area. 

The wages have always respected local standards and have been paid directly to the worker himself, women and men.

The tools used respect local customs.
We have planned to use local products for the maintenance and supply of the hotel.

 The choice of materials is part of this research for energy balance:  natural stones handcrafted extracted, massive wood in the bathrooms, traditional tiles for roofs, and noble species such as teck for entrance doors.

Fences opened Eastward and semi-opened westward ensure the continuity of energy of the landscape. The integration of the Hindu temple in the construction plans of the hotel allows the annual festival in the park in April.  (see film)

The energy balance is also the environmental quality, with no pollution, far from car or air traffic. It is also present in the  careful maintenance we provide to the park so that its authentic and natural appearance is preserved as much as possible.

Energy balance is Vastu architecture, choice of the materials, no car pollution, park maintenance, and holistic relationship with the local culture

Hotels and Environment. Managing water, recycling and mastering our impact on environment are among our major daily concerns.

Water comes from an underground collection and we use automation, in order to limit the loss of water. We have recycled most of our construction waste and we recycle all plastic, glasses, cardboard items  and packaging, which in India is a challenge.

The park is designed for the pleasure and use of our customers but we spend a third of the surface to a mastered biotope called the Tropical Garden where the following trees can be found: banana, pineapple, tropical plants, coconut trees, and sometimes papaya and pepper
With 89 coconut trees on site producing more than 2000 coconuts a year, thirty banana trees and Ayurvedic plants, we hope to reach self-sufficiency to please our guests.

In order to limit our impact over environment, our initial plan was 15 units, including 4 bungalows built in laterite.

In 2008, when we made our minds for this plot of land, we first saw a woody hill of coconut trees and tecks in an idyllic environment, along a salt lake, near the sea. Then, we took the necessary actions to rehabilitate a part of it which was used to traditional stones working.

Managing natural erosion was our first project and we started a vegetal planting process, with banyans and quick growing plants to stabilize ground.

Natural stone, thermic insulation, local massive wood, eco-solidarity work and respect of the environment are our eco development axis.


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