Cure Ayurvédique Tradition

This Ayurvedic cure is made of cares treatment and massage  given in the traditional way of ayurveda.

It is a exceptional instant, a meeting with yourself to find back wellbeing joy and serenity.


Person in charge, Responsible of all the Ayurvedic Cure:

Doctor Ashwaty, she is graduated of the Karnataka Ayurvedics medical and surgery care

The therapist graduated of Kerala  government « Jeevaya Institution of Ayurveda Therapy »

The first medical consultation will allow defining the treatment needs and the dietetic.

The following consultations will assure the good realization of the treatment and sometime to adjust it.

Every day a specific care ordered by the doctor is made by the graduate therapist.

Starting with head and shoulders massage then a full body massage with oils choose according to your Ayurvedic constitution.

Cure Ayurvédique Tradition déroulement et protocole

Then here comes the moment of the treatment, using different sort of massages plants and decoction. For example :  


Podhikizi : Herbal leaves or powder is made in cloth boluses and is applied on the whole body or a part specified after dipping in warm medicated oil.

Sirodhara : Warm herbal liquid our warm specific milk  is poured all over the forehead (3rd eye ) in rhythmic way using a special vessel.

Sirovasthi: Certain lukewarm herbal oils are poured into a cap fitted on the head and held for 15 to 60 minutes per day according to the patient’s conditions



The daily practice of the yoga is the continuation of the process of wellbeing and letting go, yoga provides balance and wellbeing by the vital energy of the breath

Yoga courses are given at “La Maison du Yoga, Samasthiti” on the edge of the lake. Peace absolutely guaranteed in this special place.  


We also welcome the yoga teacher with their own group.

Dream the organization of your stay and we’ll realize them.


Our Teacher uses the practice of Asanas and Pranayama.

Therapeutic specialization allows her  to adapt Asanas to the needs and capacity of all.

Take advantage every morning of the benefactions of Pranayama – Art of the breath ( vital energy) which is the source of any life. It consists of breaths exercises to answer the needs of the body and to complete the Ayurvedic care.  


The evening course of yoga is more relaxation and meditation.


Dietetic of the ayurveda cure will be respected for those who wish.

The doctor will always speak with the chef then he will prepare the food needs, the spices to use and sometimes to avoid.


 Continental breakfasts are usually preferred, fresh fruit juice, dry fruits which are harvest near Vishram Village, but of course it can be Indian breakfast.

This first meal of the day is very important for the good balance of the day.


Vous souhaitez un devis  pour une durée specifiques adressez nous une demande par mail

E-mail: d'information Cures Ayurvédiques 15/21 jours Tarifs

Cures Ayurvediques au Vishram Village en toutes saisons.

An authentic Ayurvedic medicine, without pre-established program of care.

A structure of energy care based expressly on your physiology, accompanied with the rebalancing of chakras. Practice of the Yoga with Pranayama (management of the breath which engenders the management of the mental); Relaxation and respect for your need will take into account the three Doshas (Pitta, Vata, Kapha.)

A synergy of care, a moment of relaxation for a complete escape from the mundane

Exemple d’une  journée d’arrivée

 Cure Tradition

Transfer from te Trivandrum airport and welcome in  Vishram Village

09 h 00: Breakfast   or relax according of the flight time arrival.

13 h 00: Lunch

15 h 00: Consultation  with the ayurvedic Doctor

17 h 00 Welcome massage Head and sholder


19 h 30: Diner ayurvedic food

Exemple d’une  journée

  cure Tradition

07 h 30 :  Yoga & Pranayama  

09 h 00: continental or kerala breakfast,  Fruit juice  Fruit salade .

10 h 00 : Ayurvedic Treatment   Abyanga + treatment

11 h 30, hot drinks after care

13 h 00: ayurvedic lunch

Selon les jours : Relax// Boat ride backwaters //

17 h 00 : Yoga & Pranayama

19 h 30: ayurvedic diner

Une médecine Ayurvédique authentique sans programme de soins préétabli.

Les praticiens

Vishram Village vous entoure des meilleurs praticiens.

 Une Doctoresse en Ayurveda diplômée de l’université de Travancore-Cochin en Médecine Ayurvedique,spécialiste des Marmas.

Des thérapeutes diplômés de ‘l’Ayurveda Hospital du Kerala’ qui réalisent les soins ordonnés par le médecin et préparent sur place les préparations ayurvediques à base de plantes médicinales.

Contenu de la Cure Ayurvédique Tradition 15, 21 ou 28 jours.

Rythme des soins et activités


Durée en jours




Transferts A/R  aéroport de Trivandrum




Pension complète

Petits déjeuners, déjeuners et dîners




Massage de bienvenue Massage tête épaules et réflexologie plantaire.




Consultations médicales Ayurvédique.




Consultation aromathérapie et suivi personnalisé.




Traitements et soins Ayurvédique personnalisés.




Traitement et soins Ayurvédiques associés à des Soins d’aromathérapie énergétique.




Sessions matinales quotidiennes de Yoga




Sessions  quotidiennes de Yoga au coucher du soleil




Odorathérapie et gestion des émotions  




Stress management ; Relaxation guidée ancrage des reflexes de bien-être.




Consultation  Bilan énergétique aromathérapie




Assistance à la traduction*  (Anglais / Français)




Découverte en bateau avec le country boat de Vishram Village




Excursion d’une journée

(Visite de Trivandrum)




Dîner au restaurant prés de  la plage de Papanasssam.





Enjoy the Ayurvedic Tradition cures in Vishram Village

The Ayurvedic cure is inspired by the ancestral Ayurvedic medicine and allows you more than a classical fitness cure: An in-depth resourcing, the discovery of our deep nature and a better self knowledge.

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